Energy Healing

Fran is a channel for Divine healing. In this work, she helps clients recognize and decipher the messages, feelings, and awareness they carry within their own bodies, tuning them in to their own Divine Guidance.

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Animal Healing

The work Fran offers is as effective with pets and beloved animals as it is with human clients. Fran is directed to blocked energy in the body, and is often able to balance and clear those blocks to provide relief from stresses.

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Distance Session

Energy Healing knows no boundaries of time or space. Distance Healing sessions can be scheduled online and offer a unique way to find ease with physical symptoms or a situation without making an office visit.

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Divinely Guided

Fran’s tender approach to her work and her sensitivity to her clients’ vibrations combine to make her divinely guided healing practice powerful and effective. The energetic movement she facilitates with touch and intention restore balance, whether in person or in a distance session. And this balance, in turn, can lead to ease and transformation.

“I had a distance healing session with Fran and her energetic force resonated strongly within my body.  My anxiety and fears dramatically decreased during session.  After we finished, I was grounded within my body, peaceful,  and more internal strength.”
Marla – Camano Island, WA


Fran has training in several hands-on and energetic healing modalities. To find out more about the services she has to offer, click the button at right.