Fran Lawless
Fran Lawless

About Fran Lawless

Fran Lawless lives in the Pacific Northwest. Not surprising, Fran discovered she is from a long lineage of healers. Fran has been using hands-on healing for over 20 years and has been a Certified as a Massage Therapist since 1998.   Her goal is to help clients release stress to feel better and heal more quickly.  Fran has developed techniques to work with her client’s energy in her Divine Guidance Healing Sessions.

About Divine Guidance Healing

Fran’s training and experience assist her to recognize and understand the messages, feelings, and awareness that they carry within their body. When this is accomplished the client is able to hear their own Divine Guidance. In our busy lives, we often forget our Divine connection. Our bodies have messages for us and are relaying them to us all the time. When we are quiet and still, we can take note of these messages. As we become more aware of our body and the messages that they have for us, we can begin to trust the Divine Guidance we receive. As a result we notice that our life begins to flow more easily and a healing within the body takes place spontaneously as we use the information we’ve received.

During a session, Fran tunes into her client’s energy. She receives Divinely Guided messages that reveal where her client’s pain is located. Frequently a client’s message is related to where emotions are stagnant, unresolved, and therefore held within the body. These emotions create an area within the body where energy is congested and there is an imbalance.

What will I feel during my Divine Guidance Healing Session? A client may feel an increase in temperature, heat, in the body. This is a positive sign as it means healing energy is being directed into the body. A client may feel a lightness as if their body feels weightless.
This is evident when a client is releasing stagnant energy where old emotions and wounds are held. A client may feel twitching in an area of their body, or their body will move, such as their head, torso, arms or legs. This is energy flowing and balancing in a particular area of their body. Blocked energy is released and now able to flow effortlessly throughout the body.

How many sessions do I need? This will depend on you and your openness to receive the Divinely Guided messages and use of information you have received. 3 to 5 sessions are recommended. Sessions maybe done in person or remotely.

Can I learn to be a Divine Guidance Healing Practitioner? Yes, DGH Practitioner Workshops are held twice a year. Contact Fran below for more information.

Still have questions?

Contact Fran if you have additional questions or want to understand more about her work and to see how her divinely guided healing process is right for you.