Divine Guidance Healing

Helping clients recognize and decipher the messages, feelings, and awareness they carry within their own bodies, tuning them into their own Divine Guidance.
60-minute session … $130
60-minute distance session … $130

Animal Healing Sessions

The practice of energy healing works well with our pets as well as with our human selves. This special connection to our beloved furry companions can help ease their own blocks and pinpoint physical and emotional issues.
30-minute session … $60

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has long been proven effective as a means for relaxation. It also supports physical and emotional healing, especially when combined with energy healing techniques.
60-minute session … $85
75-minute session … $100
90-minute session … $130

Sound Therapy

Using tuning forks therapeutically can help relax muscles, reduce inflammation and increase energy flow throughout the body.
15-minute session … $25
30-minute session … $30

Holistic Healing

In these sessions, clients are provided with massage, acupressure, energy healing, sound therapy and any messages of guidance that come through during our time together.
90-minute session … $140

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