ONE OF THE MANY WAYS that Fran helps me is through distance healing for my dog. I have a German shepherd, who is sometimes on the nervous and anxious side. To illustrate how powerful Fran’s distance healing sessions are, I will tell you about a time that I traveled with my dog on an airplane. On board the bumpy and noisy flight, my dog was showing signs of feeling anxious. She was panting along with adjusting and readjusting her position often. She just couldn’t seem to be able to settle down and relax. I sent Fran an iMessage from the flight, and luckily she answered right away and said she was glad to help. Within minutes, Maylee settled. She put her head down, closed her eyes, and relaxed. And this helped me to relax. (Phew!) The rest of our flight was a breeze. Fran is amazing! She has a beautiful gift for grounding, calming, and healing – for animals and people! I am so grateful that I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with Fran. Thank you Fran for everything you do!!! Mary W.

I ORIGINALLY STARTED GOING TO FRAN for Fibromyalgia related pain in 2008. She provides massage therapy and energy healing, which helps me to successfully manage working and living. I come away from each session feeling much more at ease, focused, and in less pain. Fran is a blessing as she not only gives her clients a deep pain-relieving massage, but she gives them support, shares knowledge and insight, and genuinely cares for peoples’ welfare and health. I have a tendency to acquire pain, negative vibrations, and illnesses from others. Because Fran is extremely intuitive and gifted, she is able to tune into my body and needs as soon as I walk in the door, or often beforehand. She knows where I am hurting or having physical or energy problems and focuses on my needs helping me to ground myself and to release issues that are not serving me well. I highly recommend Fran as a massage therapist, energy healer, listener, and all around intuitive human being. You won’t regret it – she’s phenomenal!  Colene – Monroe, WA 

FRAN CAME OUT TO MEET MY HORSE a week ago. She asked me not to tell her anything about him. I fed him some hay before she got there because he paces the fence line. She immediately picked up on his anxiety. She also tuned into an energy block that she said started in his rear right hip. He had recently started limping on the right rear hind leg. She felt the energy move down her leg and out her toe. Every summer, my horse gets a hoof abscess and I have to wait for the energy to release out of his hoof. Just today his abscess popped, releasing the pressure building up inside his leg. I was pleased to know that Fran could feel what was going on with my horse. She was spot on with her reading. I enjoy the passion that Fran puts into her work and I appreciate how authentic each session is with her. Stacy – Arlington, WA

I HAVE BEEN GOING TO FRAN FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS NOW and not only is she an amazing massage therapist but also a truly gifted energy and distance healer. Whenever I have a session with her she knows exactly where in my body I am having an issue without me having to say anything to her, she is always spot on! Her distance healing abilities are incredible, and have helped to heal me on many levels, physically and emotionally. I can feel the energy go throughout my body helping to release blockages. Fran is a very kind and compassionate soul with a calm and loving presence, I always look forward to seeing her and I leave feeling so much lighter and centered. She uses the gifts she has been given with love and grace.  Kelly J.- Lake Stevens

“WE HAVE KNOW FRAN FOR MANY YEARS. She has an amazing ability to tune into how our cats are feeling both physically and emotionally. With her intuitive and healing abilities she is able to help them to release and  or move the energy in areas where they are feeling pain or discomfort as well as letting us know how they are feeling. Knowing how they are feeling helps us to help them. Our cat Xena has had issues with kidney disease and pancreatitis both of which make her feel terrible and are painful. Every time Fran has worked on her she is able to relax and pull through the episode so much faster! It makes an amazing difference. We would recommend to anyone to have Fran work with their fur babies 😻. Your animal companions will thank you for it!” Colleen J.

FRAN IS A VERY SPECIAL PERSON. It’s not just her smile or her lovely voice, but the energy she exudes when she walks into a room.  Fran has helped me with her touch and my aches and pains but recently I brought my aging pup to her.   Me worrying I could not read Bella’s body language and wanting her to not be in pain.  Dogs mask their pain and age faster because of it.  I wanted her to enjoy life as much as I do.  Bella connected with Fran immediately!  It was almost odd how she went up to her like she was an old friend, laid down at her feet and closed her eyes.  Fran assured me she was happy and in no pain.  We as humans want to be grounded and at peace.  It’s nice to know that my 4-legged best friend is as well!  Thank you Fran!  Sarah P.

I WAS DIAGNOSED with macular degeneration in May and in October a change in medicine precipitated a marked change for the worse in my vision. I am still receiving medical care.  The most obvious change in vision when you have macular degeneration is that straight lines become wavy.  During my session with Fran, I was relaxed, sitting in my easy chair with my feet on the ground and breathing regularly.  I also had my eyes closed for the majority of the time.  As Fran worked, I noticed my breathing became deeper and I was more focused on it. My sense of calm also deepened.  After a fairly short period of time I sensed her work on my eye.  There were nano seconds of a soft light almost flashing. My left eye did not have any activity, just my right eye.  It was not startling-again just calm and soothing. At the end of the session I felt rested.  There was no headache pain, nausea or fatigue, but the wavy lines I had seen on an eye chart I keep on my refrigerator before our session, were less wavy than when we finished. I slept well that evening and woke up feeling fine. Also, saw my doctor and there have been improvements to my vision. Jane – Snohomish, WA

I HAVE BEEN SEEING FRAN FOR 12 YEARS NOW. She has helped me through the hardest thing I have been through with the loss of my Father and best friend. I see her for massage and energy work.  She has made there last 19 months more bearable.  I have even had more joy from experiencing the comfort of a good friend and energy healer.  Every time I leave an appointment, I walk away feeling more love and joy in my life.  She has helped sift so much for me. I don’t know where I would be without her.  Love you so much Fran.  I only hope that more people can experience the gifts you have.  You are so talented and amazing. Simply the best! Roni – Monroe, WA

I RECENTLY HAD SOME SERIOUS CARDIAC ISSUES. The day Fran worked on me remotely, I had been feeling agitated and unable to breathe properly with the tightness in my chest.  As Fran worked on me, I felt the tightness loosen and the agitation melt away.  I was able to sleep soundly that night.  Much better than I have in weeks.  Fran has beautiful energy and I highly recommend her work. Violet – Dallas, Texas

I HAD A DISTANCE HEALING SESSION with Fran and her energetic force resonated strongly within my body.  My anxiety and fears dramatically decreased during session.  After we finished, I was grounded within my body, peaceful,  and more internal strength.” Great energy and hope felt the minute she started the session. I felt re-inspired and more motivated to do Physical Therapies and other things that cause severe pain.  Thus lessening the intensity of it all; my experience with Fran was very positive. Marla – Camano Island, WA

I FIRST MET FRAN A YEAR AGO, when my doctor referred me to see her for her skills as a licensed massage therapist, meeting Fran for the first time was like running into an old friend that I hadn’t seen in years, we formed an instant bond. Annie – Spokane, WA

I HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE of knowing Fran for 30 years. She is very sweet and has a gentle, sensitive, warm soul! I was beyond grateful a couple months ago for her intuitive healing gift! My back was out so bad that I was in tears and could not stand up! I called Fran and she was able to work on me from a distance! Yes ~ I said from a distance!!! I could feel energy moving through my body while she worked on me. It was amazing and soon I became able to stand upright again! If you are in need of healing, physical or emotional. All you need is an open mind and an appointment with Fran! It is a natural, convenient way to feel better! I am so thankful for her. She is the best! Denise – Snohomish, WA

FRAN IS A VERY GENTLE SOUL, whose skills and gifts are incredible, her intuitiveness is amazing. She has tuned into “trouble areas” on me that I didn’t even realize were bothering me as well as healed areas that I’d been suffering from for years. Violet –  Dallas, Texas

I’VE KNOWN FRAN SINCE THE DAYS OF HER SCHOOLING. I knew then she had a very special & unique touch; a gift that could only come from above.  I knick-named her then which sticks with her today “healing hands”.  She is one of the most gentle and intuitive souls I’ve ever met and will always be her life-long client and friend.  I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me & changed my life by her openness and guidance by the Divine. Kris – Lake Stevens, WA

MOST PEOPLE CHOOSE THEIR DESIRED PROFESSION, but sometimes a profession “chooses” an individual. Fran was chosen for this profession. Fran has a God given gift to “see” and “feel” what’s under the skin. She doesn’t need to be told what hurts or what’s sore, she instinctually finds it on her own and has an incredible ability to make it feel better. To give you an idea on how much I value her service and abilities, when Fran relocated to Snohomish I tried other therapist that were more local to where I live, and in doing so I was reminded just how good Fran is. I now drive an hour round trip to be treated by Fran because she is the best in her profession. She’s truly a gifted and remarkable massage and energy therapist. John – Bothell, WA

I FIRST SAW FRAN IN 2008 after an auto accident. The therapeutic help she offered was amazing. The comfort she offered was even more so. She listened. After that, I would see Fran and she would do “energy” or “healing” work. I didn’t need to tell her my trouble spot. She would find a spot and say “ didn’t say anything about that”…well, why? She would find it anyway! A person must love their work and, if that person is meant to be in the field they are in,  they must be led and guided by more than themselves to be of use to others. That is Fran. She truly has been chosen for this field. I would recommend a visit. You will not be disappointed. She doesn’t push, she doesn’t pry. She will suggest, and she will recommend. She will listen. Kelly – Snohomish, WA

WORKING WITH FRAN HAS BEEN A GREAT EXPERIENCE. She is a warm and caring person. Primarily she works on my upper body, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.  The massage provides me relief from pain, so I could continue to work.  The healing work left me with a warm and fuzzy sensation.  Any pain left in my neck or shoulders would work its way down my upper arms and forearms. The feeling was pleasant and it felt like pain was releasing out my finger tips. Never is it uncomfortable.  Fran is truly talented at her profession. I highly recommend her for your health and well being. Jo – Sultan, WA

FRAN IS A GREAT ENERGY WORKER. She is passionate about what she does and always works in your best interest.  I am thankful for Fran and the healing work she has done on myself and my family.”  Suzie – Edmonds, WA

HOUSE CLEARING. Working with Fran was amazing. From the very first call and text message. She is warm and very understanding. We had a spirit that was bothering me for a while. My husband didn’t notice until my son and I were out of town. She was efficient in removing this spirit as he wasn’t the nicest. She kicked him to the curb and brought peace to our home once again. This was all done with her lovely warm and kindness. Even though she’s very far from us. She was a miracle worker, we can’t thank you enough Fran. From now on, Fran is our go to for house cleansing.  Alexis- Morro Bay, California 2021

I REACHED OUT TO FRAN FOR A REMOTE HEALING SESSION. Talking with Fran is like talking to your best friend that you’ve known for 20 years. It’s this easy, open conversation filled with warmth and compassion. She’s is able to use her gift to bring to light issues that you are aware of and some that you’re not. For me, having Fran reassure me and remind me that I need to do some things to ground myself and release my “worry pockets”, truly is a blessing. Feeling her energy and healing vibrations are amazing. I feel blessed that I’ve discovered this amazing person, who has this incredible gift. Melissa S.

MY FRIEND SONIA RECOMMENDED ME TO FRAN. My experience with Fran has been amazing to say the least! Fran has done energy / Divine Guidance Healing Sessions in person and long distance for me and family members. For me, Fran’s healing work has supported me with my recovery from child sexual abuse. Through her sessions I have gained inner peace, self-confidence and feel more connected with myself and my body. Her healing method has definitely been a great support for my physically and emotionally well being recovery.

I also have an amazing testimony from Fran’s long distance session with my dad. After having one session, my dad decided to quit drinking after 35 years! This is something he was not able to do in the past despite providing him resources. My dad said he felt he was ready for a change and wanted to start rehab. As of today, he has being 2 months sober and continues his rehab treatment🙌

Fran also supported my aunt and uncle who reside in Mexico through long distance work. Their health and marriage has been much better after they each got a long distance session.

Fran  also helped support my mom and other family members through Covid-19 sickness. Everyone is  recovered and doing well after she did a long distance session.

Fran has become someone super special for our family. I highly recommend Fran — hands down! She is one special human being 💗

Maria O.